Program Overview & Results

Program Overview & Results Examples of elements that could be covered during the program, tailored for your organizational needs:

These research-based modules will be delivered intertwined with creative and experiential activities, and opportunities for dialogue.


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"I broke 27 world records, I run many companies and have traveled to over 100 countries, but this was the best, most helpful, practical, enjoyable and transformative training I have ever received. We have been using what we learned for years now; it’s the only training I was willing to fully sit- through because it was life-changing."

Haile Gebre-Selassie, Olympian

"You made the most complicated issues so simple to understand and apply to our context and issues. Because of this I am a better individual, we have a better team, and has better equipped us to serve the community and nation." PLAN International, Sudan

"We are carrying so many burdens and have seen so many catastrophes and so much trauma, without anyone building us up and equipping us to continue. You made the training in our language and to fit our context, and it has refreshed us from the inside out; we now feel prepared to continue strong in every aspect of our work for the nation." CSO/Human Rights Watch, brought together by Freedom House

"We have attended many trainings both nationally and internationally and never thought this kind of training could exist in Africa, but you proved us wrong. We have been transformed as a team. Four months later, our team chemistry, effectiveness, and work output cannot even compare to what it was before." Abdul-Karim, Country Director, CGIAR

“We never thought we would see this day. Nobody ever sent us to school because our value was less than a cow, and we are forced to marry at a very young age. So we have never had an opportunity to be included and learn. Now the men have changed and are helping watch our children and prepare food so we have time to participate. It’s our first time attending an education program of any kind and now we have started attending school too with our children- THANK YOU.’ Wogaina, participant along the Sudan border

"My life completely changed after going through the life-coaching program. I felt I was in a good place, but didn’t know what I was missing until I took the coaching program. Every aspect of my life has been transformed beyond what I thought was possible. Thank you!" Kebede, Digital Green Country Director

"Our only complaint is that the time was too short. Even so, we are at a new place. Somehow this training allowed a safe place for us to heal, form relationship and move to a new place as individuals and as a team. We were able to process many of our hurts and challenges, but without blaming one another; we did the opposite and the training allowed us to move through these challenges in a positive way and find solutions for them. We now feel like a team- thank you!" Australian Embassy

"I teach about leadership and have written a book about leadership but you taught me more in 1 day than I learned in 10 years." Dr. Tamru, Civil Society Agency

"We thought there was no hope and had given up, but the conflict mediation blew my mind and allowed reconciliation and proper healing to take place. Our team is in a new place now." Country Director for Light for the World